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  • Now that you've completed your physical therapy program, what next??

  • How do you maintain the level of health and wellness you feel right now??

  • How do you keep improving your fitness level??
There's one answer to all three questions!!!!

Participate in the McLaughlin Physical Therapy & Hand Rehabilitation Wellness Program!

It's a great way to transition from rehabilitation into a regular exercise routine.

McLaughlin Physical Therapy & Hand Rehabilitation, offers a Wellness Program to help you maintain or improve your fitness and energy level to create a healthier and more active you.

If you have been recently discharged from therapy, you may begin a Wellness Program simply by registering with the front desk. You will get personalized folder with your exercises in it.

During your initial appointment, the therapist can help design an exercise/fitness program to meet your unique needs and help you begin your exercise program. Then you can follow the plan at your own speed, on your own time.

No appointment is necessary. No scheduling hassles!

Most people are more likely to stick with something when they have others to encourage them. Coming to McLaughlin Physical Therapy & Hand Rehabilitation several times a week gives you an opportunity to make friends you look forward to seeing each time you go.

*Because a wellness program is not a medical treatment, insurance does not cover the costs associated with it or with the initial appointment to set it up*
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